1. Electric Friday

  2. Whatever You Want On The Dry Way

  3. Schorre
    Andrea Porcu

  4. Soft Science
    Mind Over MIDI

  5. Dub Affairs Vol.2
    Various Artists

  6. Dub Rhetorica

  7. Magnetic (Album)
    Xoki & Hieronymus

  8. Ash

  9. Layers (Album)
    Alex Humann, Faidel, Warmth, Zzzzra

  10. Urceolatmospherion (Album)
    Coppice Halifax

  11. No Fear (e.p)

  12. Departure
    Marco Cassanelli

  13. Dub Sessions 1
    Babe Roots, Ixm

  14. Caps Of Ice (Album)
    Ethereal Music

  15. Dub Affairs Vol.1

  16. Road To Beijing
    Tears Of Change, Raffaele Attanasio

  17. Cruising (Album)

  18. Moments e.p
    As If

  19. Roots EP
    Fabio Scalabroni

  20. Tier One [Remastered Version]

  21. Periferica (NP)
    Tears Of Change

  22. Pangea (Album)
    Tears Of Change

  23. In My Room (Remastered Version)
    As If

  24. In Perpetuum Extraneis (Album)

  25. ReDubbing
    Twin Peetz, Moolsaasa

  26. Closure e.p

  27. Beyond The Five Senses (Album)
    Aura Fresh

  28. Never Let Me Go / Wish You Were Here
    Arc Of Doves

    Andrea Porcu

  30. Inside The Soundscape
    Kuba Sojka

  31. Radiant

  32. Mille Plateaux (Album)
    Arc Of Doves

  33. Various Artists #1
    Various Artists

  34. The Past That Was Embraced By Sorrow (Album)
    Sonitus Eco

  35. In My Room (Album)
    As If

  36. Never Let Me Go
    Arc Of Doves

  37. Desove - Tier One

  38. Passengers e.p
    Andrea Porcu

  39. Thousands Problems e.p
    Andrea Porcu, Warmth

  40. ночь
    Древняя теория

  41. Турин
    Древняя теория

  42. Aтмосфера
    Древняя теория

  43. Над деревьями вы видите все
    Древняя теория

  44. We Will Live Again
    Andrea Porcu

  45. Textures Ø #1
    Andrea Porcu

  46. Pastime EP (#back-catalog)

  47. Smalltown Grizzle (#back-catalog)

  48. Running Away Time (#back-catalog)
    Kuba Sojka

  49. Rima Sirsalis (#back-catalog)
    Mr. Bizz


rohs! records Berlin, Germany

Sardinian record label based in Berlin, founded by Andrea Porcu in late 2007.

for enquiries: inforohs (at) gmail (dot) com

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