1. ROHS!05/7" ondarituale - No Fear (e.p)

  2. ROHS!018CD/ Xoki & Hieronymus - Magnetic (Album)
    Xoki & Hieronymus

  3. ROHS!04/7" Marco Cassanelli - Departure
    Marco Cassanelli

  4. ROHS!03/7" Babe Roots feat. Ixm "Dub Sessions 1"
    Babe Roots, Ixm

  5. NEWERA01/ Ethereal Music - Caps Of Ice (Album)
    Ethereal Music

  6. ROHS​!​05RAW​:NET/ Andrea Porcu - Passengers e.p
    Andrea Porcu

  7. ROHS!TP01/ Dub Affairs Vol.1

  8. ROHS!02/7" Road To Beijing (by Tears Of Change & Raffaele Attanasio LFJ)
    Tears Of Change, Raffaele Attanasio

  9. ROHS!017 CD/ Desove - Cruising (Album)

  10. ROHS!04RAW:NET/ Andrea Porcu - Thousands Problems e.p (incl. Warmth Remix)
    Andrea Porcu, Warmth

  11. ROHS!01/7" As If - Moments e.p
    As If

  12. ROHS!03/12" Roots EP by Fabio Scalabroni
    Fabio Scalabroni

  13. ROHS!016 CD/ Desove - Tier One [Remastered Version]

  14. ROHS!015 CD/ Warmth - Ash

  15. ROHS!014 CD/ Tears Of Change - Pangea
    Tears Of Change

  16. ROHS!013 CD/ As If - In My Room (Remastered Version)
    As If

  17. ROHS!012 CD/ EXL/PRJCT - In Perpetuum Extraneis

  18. ROHS!011 CD/ Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa - ReDubbing
    Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa

  19. ROHS!02/12" Closure e.p by G.R.I.T.

  20. ROHS!010 CD/ Aura Fresh - Beyond The Five Senses
    Aura Fresh

  21. ROHS!01/12" Arc Of Doves
    Arc Of Doves

  22. ROHS!009 CD/ Andrea Porcu - TWENTYFIVE
    Andrea Porcu

  23. ROHS!008 CD/ Psi-Acoustic - Inside The Soundscape
    Kuba Sojka

  24. ROHS​!​007 CD/ ObsoleteTechnology - Radiant

  25. ROHS!-01CD/ Arc Of Doves - Mille Plateaux
    Arc Of Doves

  26. ROHS​!​03RAW​:​NET/ Древняя теория - Над деревьями вы видите все
    Древняя теория

  27. ROHS!02RAW:NET/ Andrea Porcu - We Will Live Again
    Andrea Porcu

  28. ROHS!006 CD/ Various Artists #1
    Various Artists

  29. ROHS!005 CD/ Sonitus Eco - The Past That Was Embraced By Sorrow
    Sonitus Eco

  30. ROHS!004 CD/ As If - In My Room
    As If

  31. ROHS!01RAW:NET/ Andrea Porcu - Textures Ø #1
    Andrea Porcu

  32. ROHS​!​002 CD/ Arc Of Doves - Never Let Me Go
    Arc Of Doves

  33. ROHS!001 CD/ Desove - Tier One

  34. Schwanbeck - Smalltown Grizzle


rohs! records Berlin, Germany

Sardinian record label based in Berlin, founded by Andrea Porcu in late 2007.

Contact: inforohs@gmail.com

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